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Shattered Limits: Cinemagraphs by A.L. Crego

A.L. Crego bends the rules of space while giving us a first-person view into his life with these perfectly crafted, hi-definition GIFs.

Source: A.L. Crego


Heems - NYC Cops

He had the badge ID covered in black tape (covered)

Irish dude spends his weekends in blackface (a weirdo!)

Smacking Immigrants, asking them how the crack taste (Guatamalans!)

Mushed his pregnant wife face while she lactate (a bad man!)

Over-overseeing the rat race

Goes to Cape Cod when Manhattan feels too fast paced

Now he hate God, disgraced, odd and out of place

And he takes it out on us (his experience)

Victor told me what happened with them BART cops

Told ‘em, “Yo, I ain’t ever met a smart cop” (they’re idiots)

Alec said no one heard of you like a cool cop

In ‘01 almost shot the fair one with a school cop

Heema for Louima cause they could have did’d me wrong (I’m brown!)

That’s word to Eleanor Bumpurs in a Lou Reed song

Protect and serve, keep from the way of harm

Timothy Stansbury was 19 and unarmed

[Hook x2]

Ayo, fuck the New York pricks and dicks

Who wanna be a cop but a power hungry idiot?

The worst people!

New York cops are the worst!

[Verse 2]

Oy vey, these guys is New York’s spineless

Strangled and denied it for Anthony Baez

They was cruel, maybe had a pool, probably

That was ‘94, he was one of three bodies (unarmed)

Ernest Sayon (unarmed)

And Johnnie Cromartie (unarmed)

Under Giuliani, well, they had them a party (bang bang!)

In ‘73, there were riots in Queens (Jamaica)

When they merked Clifford Glover, he wasn’t even a teen (a child!)

Used to be nine, he had just turned ten (a child!)

Pig said, “Die, you little fuck” and got off clean (yup)

And ain’t a thing that these bars do

That can make up for the pain of the family of Fermin Arzu

They the ones who always put the firearms pon you (on you!)

But shoot and say they thought you had a gun up in the car, dude (there’s no gun, no gun)

Ousmane Zongo ‘03, Diallo in like ‘99

I swear this shit happen like 90 times definitely

Definitely happens, like, plenty times

But it’s documented, like, 20 times

Well, Randolph Evans, well —

[Hook/Verse 3]

Randolph Evans was 15 in 1976

And a cop did two years for shooting him

One time, point blank in the head

And thirty years later exactly, on his wedding day

Four officers (in Queens) shot 50 bullets

And Sean Bell was, uh, dead

Veteran detective Oliver, two magazines, no remorse, geez, man!

Gescard Isnora

Basquiat ‘81, Irony of Negro police, man

Back in the day on the train Dap was G’in a Cremaster poster

Guyanese cop look like me (speedin’!)

Rolled up, plainclothes tucked, gun in the holster

Said not to do that. It bugged me out

They could look like me, too?

Y2K Grand Wizard Giuliani wasn’t done

Bad boys, bad boys took Patrick Dorismond

Plainclothes asking him where to cop tree

Shot him one time and didn’t have to flee

Well, yo, it was an accident, see

And once again the boys in blue got off scott free

(“Well, I’m white, sooo…I own this place?”)

No rap?

Alberta Spruill was 57 and didn’t leave her home

They tossed a concussion grenade into her living room

And scared her to death

I never felt safer

Its bugged out that they’re supposed to make you feel safer

(“Well, I’m a white cop, so I own this… world?”)

Heems awn like em, Radio Raheem don’t like em

(“Uh, yeah, well, I’m white, soooo…”)

And Michael Stewart who do art under the ground

Got found and laid down by

Eleven white cops that pound

-ed him for thirty-two minutes between arrest and delivery (they played with the paperwork!)

Alive and barely breathing, to dead in ‘83

Radio Raheem (Spike Lee!)

I don’t fuck with cops!

Its Heems!


Caro diario / Dear Diary
Nanni Moretti. 1993

Pasolini Monument
Via dell’Idroscalo, 290, Lido d’Ostia, 
00121 RomaItaly
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H.R. Giger on the set of Alien, creating the props, set-pieces and costumes, 1979.

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